Customized CNC Tube End Forming Machine

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CNC tube end cool forming machine
CNC tube end cool forming machine is widely used for metal tube deceleration; it is mainly used for processing air conditioners, water heaters, refrigerators, automobiles and other filters, liquid storage, drying bottles, mufflers. The machine is used for straightening, cutting, end forming and bending of copper tubes. All operations are carried out in automatic mode, mainly used in the air conditioning pipe industry.

main feature:
1) CNC two-coordinate linkage spinning;
2) PLC control, automatic loading and unloading, fast speed and high work efficiency;
3) PLC control, automatic cutting and trimming nozzle, the cutting mouth is neat.
4) The automatic tube end forming machine is an automatic machine for pressing the end of the air conditioning capillary nozzle.
5) This machine adopts logic circuit or (PLC)cnc control, hydraulic oil is medium, and it is linearly guided by hydraulic cylinder. Automatic cold forming process using a mold.
6) At present, it is a cost-effective product for the refrigeration tube, tube end forming, nozzle processing and molding process, and has a high level of automation.
7) This machine adopts PLC control (or CNC), and uses air-cooled hydraulic pressure and hand-push lubrication system as the medium.
8) The left and right sides of the mold are adjustable to ensure they are on the same axis as the workpiece.
9) With the help of servo motor, the position is very precise, and the automatic feeding device can be installed to realize full automation.
10) The machine has simple structure, easy to learn and operate, convenient replacement mode, stable operation, high product precision, good consistency, low cost and high efficiency.
11) This machine is a combination of main drive gear, clamping system, electrical system and hydraulic system. In operation, the motor rotates the oil pump and supplies oil, and then the SCM will instruct the solenoid valve to open and close to allow the oil pump to operate periodically and work through the tool to achieve tube end formation.
12) The single-chip control and hydraulic drive system make the operation smoother.
13) The movable foot switch has three important functions: automatic start, emergency stop, and re-operation after emergency stop to make the safety factor higher.
14) The machine can be implemented in a variety of different processing methods, such as shrink tubes, expansion tubes and blunt tubes. It is the ideal tube end forming machine.
15) It is convenient to change tools and facilitate flexible production.
16) Fully automatic and CNC tube bending machine.
With servo motor programmable axis, 2 axes 3 axes, 4 axes or 5 axes...
17) Feeding: servo motor drive; rotation: servo motor drive. Bending: hydraulic and encoder control; servo motor with reducer.
18) Import hydraulic system and PLC unit or IPC.
19) Automatic lubrication system for moving areas.
20) Self-diagnostic system, detecting errors immediately.
21) Multiple sets of bend information storage.
22) The electric cabinet cooling fan and hydraulic cooling system ensure that the equipment works stably at high temperatures for a long time.
23) Touch screen and HMI control provide user-friendly operation.
24) Tube end flaring machines are widely used in many end forming applications and industries, such as automotive exhaust, furniture, air conditioning, etc. Formed by hydraulic control and clamped by hydraulic control. Microcomputer controller with English or any other language.
25) Automatic identification of the power of the machine and workpiece, fast processing, good
26) The core of the slow return is lifted by the trolley to make the angle more visible.
27) The whole operation is on the computer, simple, fast and correct
28) Image programming system: draw and modify the stereo tube image on the screen, making the operation simple, fast and accurate
29) Rebound test: comparative test of many pipe characteristics
30) Single-step debugging function - Carefully observe the deformation of the pipe during the mold manufacturing process.
31) Automatic drawing of mold graphics helps to develop new products
32) Comprehensive inspection: hydraulic / circuit / drive system, motor phase presence / reverse, voltage, temperature, oil pressure, and automatic diagnosis of faults
33) Password, key, working time / quantity record, suitable for production management
Main specification
Max bending capacity
Φ38mm X 2mm
Max bending radius(1)
Min bending radius(2)
According pipe diameter
Max bending degree
Max feeding length(3)
Working speedBending speed
Rotary speed
Feeding speedMax 150°/s
Max 200°/s
Max 1000mm/s
AccuracyBending accuracy
Rotary accuracy
Feeding accuracy±0.1°
±0.1mmCustomized CNC Tube End Forming Machine
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